The Rotomoulding Plant with Multi Arm Shuttle machine– Series CP  
is composed of
Moulding Chamber ( Indexing )with attatched combustion chamber
High Velocity cooling fans with Fogheads
Arms conveyors
Control Electric Panel
Salient Features
Aerodynamic Oven Designed for maximum hot air impingement against the molds and feature counter-convection air flow to help even heating throughout  the chamber area.
Moulding chamber made of metallic double wall frame , thermically insulated with high density rock wool .
Burner (two stage ) placed at the combustion chamber , heats the whole moulding chamber uniformally and keeps steady the process temperature recordings performed by thermic feelers installed in the moulding chamber .
Centrifugal Fans with duct and louvers for adjusting hot air direction for correct distribution of the material in side the mould.
Independent  high velocity blowing fans for each Arm mounted on steel frame for uniform cooling .
Turret made of heavy duty steel tube construction .Smooth conveyor movement on straight track .
Floor area provides two process stations
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